Registrations for the 2024/25 school year are now open!

Join the new French school in Taipei.

For the 2024/25 school year, the Lycée International Français de Taipei is offering elementary school levels (CP to CM2), and classes for 6ème and 5ème.

We also offer a French/Mandarin moyenne/grande section kindergarten class in partnership with OURS Nursery School (私立華菂幼兒園).

1. Let us know more about you.

We need to know more about your family plans and your child /ren to best answer your schooling needs.
Thank you for filling in this pre-registration form (1 per child). It should take 15 minutes of your time.
This information will be used for final administrative registration.

2. Family meeting.

The School Head discuss with each family, online or on site, to answer your questions and make sure LIFT is the best possible choice for the education of your child.
Request a meeting on our online booking system.

3. Confirm registration.

After the family meeting, we will keep in touch with you via email. Our classes being limited to a maximum of 20 pupils, the registration is confirmed after the payment of the registration fees.