Our governance

LIFT is a non-for-profit organization servicing French and French-speaking communities in Taipei. LIFT does not rely on any private investment, nor does it reward any shareholders. Capital and operational expenditures are financed by its own revenues; and any profit will be reinvested into LIFT development.

Our governance is transparent, inclusive and participatory.

The management of the school is entrusted to the educational community: first and foremost to the student’s parents, organized in the parents’ association UPLIFT (Union des Parents du LIFT) and to the French-speaking business communities, organized in a steering committee.

Both institutions safeguard the long-term vision and educational values of LIFT.

Operational management is entrusted to independent administrators working along educative and administrative teams.

In that respect, LIFT aims at:
Being inclusive of pupils’ parents, as direct beneficiaries of LIFT, notably to ensure that principles of affordability, accountability, transparency, and diversity are safeguarded.
Being inclusive of Taipei French and French-speaking business communities, as institutional beneficiaries and financiers of LIFT, notably to ensure that LIFT benefits from their business and market expertise, and to ensure strategic and financial sustainability.
Being inclusive of Taipei French and French-speaking diplomatic representations, as public services providers to their communities, notably to ensure sound political outreach of LIFT in Taiwan and political mainstreaming with French authorities.
Being inclusive of a limited number of taiwanese personalities as champions of the Taiwanese civil society, notably to ensure sound market outreach of LIFT in Taiwan.
Being inclusive of LIFT educational and administrative teams, to ensure representativity of the educators.
Achieving a healthy balance between representation of the educational community (parents, educators) and its ecosystem (business and political communities, personalities).
Achieving a high degree of transparency and accountability by sharing financial and managerial information to all governance bodies.
Encouraging diversity during nomination and recruitment processes (of age, gender and nationality).