School Council

The School Council is one of the school’s main governance bodies. It is an institutional dialogue space with decision-making powers. The Head of School presides over the School Council that gathers the educational community’s representatives and gives his opinion on school life’s main matters. It meets at least twice a year, to vote the internal regulations and adopt the school project for instance.

The school council is composed of school staff and pupils’ parents representatives in parity.

The School Council has been created on February 5, 2023, following the election in each class of parental delegates:

  • Mrs Amandine Ispa, CP class’s parents representative.
  • Mr Mathieu Laclau, CE1 class’s parents representative.
  • Mrs Sandy Yang, CE2 class’s parents representative.
  • Mrs Wookyong Kim, CM1 class’s parents representative.
  • Mrs Amandine Ispa, CM2 class’s parents representative.

These representatives are voicing of all the pupils’ parents’ concerns and proposals within the School Council. Before this later gathering, they will independently and in autonomy hold concertations with their class’s parents.

This School Council meet in plenary session but also on thematic workshops related to the pedagogical settings, to ensure a high degree of dialogue between the pupil’s parents and the school:

  • 2023, February 2023 (workshop on pedagogical settings of the class of 6ème).
  • 2023, February 22, (Plenary session).
  • 2023, March 7, (workshop on the CP/CE2 settings).
  • 2023, April 27 (plenary session).

Meeting minutes are disseminated among all pupil’s parents.

In line with our principle of a school managed by the educational community, this body reinforces the parents’ role, already implied in an active pupils’ parents association and the school Board where three pupils’ parents sit and vote on strategic decisions (including on financial and real estate matters).

It is important to underline how these two instances complete each other: the administrative council takes care of financial, legal and institutional integrity and the school’s council handles the main school life matters and gives its opinion about pedagogical and educational actions. Thus, school’s week pedagogical organization, how to guarantee the well-integration of pupils with special educational needs, after school activities, school catering and hygiene, children protection and security on school and afterschool time against violence and discrimination of all forms, especially harassment, further educational, physical and cultural activities, are topics the council can and has to discuss.