Our history

May 2019

About twenty parents of French students decide to create a new French school in Taipei and create working groups, which meet on a monthly basis. Formal contacts are made with the Taiwanese Ministry of Education, the French Office in Taipei and the AEFE.

October 2019

The team formalizes the project by creating an association under French law, called “Association Pour Une Éducation Française et une Culture Européenne à Taiwan” (AEFECET), under the presidency of Stéphanie Froissart.

December 2019

With the help of the Taipei City Education Office, AEFECET begins to visit different school sites that could host LIFT. More than twenty sites are visited. A site to host the school was identified and a new working group was created. Frédéric Chevassus, an architect, takes over the leadership of this group. Negotiations begin with the directors of the foundation of the identified site.

February 2020

AEFECET is invited to Singapore for a symposium organised by the Association of Parents from Overseas French Schools (FAPEE).

April 2020

Lee Ming-Han 李明翰 is recruited as a project manager and will hold the position for one month.

June 2020

A full establishment plan is written by Stéphanie Froissart. AEFECET recruits a management team, consisting of a head of school and an executive director.

Taroko ( under its CEO David Reynier’s impulse) works on a voluntary basis to create the logo and graphic charter of LIFT.

July 2020

The LIFT establishment plan prepared by AEFECET is submitted to the French authorities in Taipei and Paris, and is then officially validated in terms of both its academic component and its financial projections.

September 2020

An agreement is signed with the Odyssey International group to become the investor and operator of LIFT. Odyssey International recruits Thomas Chaumont, selected by AEFECET as Executive Director, as Project Manager and Yen-Jong Lee as legal advisor.

December 2020

An association under Taiwanese law is created in order to organise the future community of parents: UPLIFT (Union des Parents du Lycée International Français de Taipei), with thirty founding members. Alexandre Levy is appointed President.

The Kuan Architect firm is selected to design the LIFT premises.

January 2021

Real estate negotiations fail (in particular because of the cost of meeting anti-seismic safety standards) and Odyssey International withdraws from the project. UPLIFT parents take over the leadership of the project.

February 2021

The parents identify a new site and a new partner for the LIFT premises and start negotiations.

September 2021

A Memorandum of Understanding is concluded with Taibei High School to host LIFT. Jenny Wu 吳宜真 is recruited as project manager. An executive committee of volunteer professionals was formed, under the authority of the UPLIFT Board of Directors, composed of Alexandre Levy, Frédéric Chevassus, Me Yen-Jong Lee and Thomas Chaumont. Under the management of the Executive Committee, UPLIFT’s parent members join working groups to set up LIFT.

David Reynier becomes the first private sponsor of LIFT, and provides a generous endowment to UPLIFT to fund the project management phase.

October 2021

With the gracious backing of the Director of the French Office in Taipei, Mr Jean-François Casabonne-Masonnave, the French business community in Taiwan meets at the Residence to initiate the LIFT fundraising campaign. (See Press Release)

November 2021

Under the auspices of the Director of the French Office in Taipei, Mr. Jean-François Casabonne-Masonnave, the heads of diplomatic posts of the French-speaking countries present in Taiwan met at the Residence in order to widen the scope of LIFT to all French-speaking communities. (See Press Release)

November 2021

Taibei High School decides to disregard their commitments. The Taipei education bureau offers to the LIFT team 30 new potential locations in public schools in the city.

November 2021

LIFT receives commitments of sponsorship through a “Founding Option” mechanism (or debenture: financial loans against schooling options for their staff) from large French groups and businesses based in Taipei.

December 2021

LIFT signs a support agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), an institution supervised by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. It coordinates and supports nearly 522 schools in 139 countries. The AEFE network welcomes 370,000 pupils and students and guarantees them access to education excellence all over the world. LIFT then benefits from the expertise of their Support and Development Network Division and becomes an “establishment supported towards the accreditation”.

January 2022

A new site is identified to welcome LIFT. The campus is a public high school, and meets all criteria related to learning experience, security and quality of welcome towards the accreditation. This school is equipped with sports equipment (indoor heated swimming-pool, gymnasium, football field) of very high standards and accessible to LIFT pupils. LIFT enters into negotiation with this school and the Taipei Education Bureau to renovate classrooms and administrative areas dedicated to LIFT starting summer 2022.

March 2022

Elementary School administrative and teaching teams are recruited.

April 2022

A rental agreement is concluded for three years with Liu Gong Guo Min high school to welcome LIFT.

LIFT met its fundraising target to finance the starting costs.

May 2022

LIFT is officially registered as an experimental educational institution by Taiwanese authorities.
Sincere thanks to LIFT’s forerunners and volunteers: Stéphanie Froissart, Hui Min Huang, Alexandre Paitre, Pierre-André Divisia, Alexandre Levy, Stella Petitgrand, Christian Laudet, Nicolas Ng Kon Tia, Virginie de Braquilanges, Cyrille Gosset. Joined later by Jérôme Bouiges, Martin Brazeau, Mike Hall, Jimmy Roy and many others. Special thanks to Jean-Yves Vesseau.