Educational policies

Please find below LIFT main guidelines.

These “education policies” provide information on the structuring choices regarding the pedagogy our education teams collectively thought through, approved and implemented everyday at LIFT. They enrich the pedagogical frame of a french institution abroad that aims to be accredited by AEFE, French education minister’s policies and guidelines and the taiwanese educational legal frame.

Focusing our efforts on the quality of learning is one of LIFT’s trademarks. We deliberately chose to dedicate the maximum of our resources to the quality of teaching, in its multiple dimensions.

This effort is defined, on the one hand, by the teamwork and the quality of our teaching teams, trained and experienced, and on the other hand by a constant dialog with the educational community, first and foremost pupils’ parents, coeducation actors. The line of force remains the principle of putting pupils’ well-being and kindness at the very core of our educational project.

In order to make these orientations happen, we focus on our teachers’ continuous training, cognitive and educational science research resources mobilization and a repeated work of identification of good practice and diagnosis conducted directly in class in order to answer the needs related to our context and our educational reality.

Our teachers benefit from a very important team dialogue time. Thus we answer above all the necessity to coordinate a trilingual teaching delivered by four teachers per class while guaranteeing the coherence of the offered pedagogical sequences, but also enrich our pedagogical approach of experiences, good practice and educational culture of our french, english and taiwanese teachers.

LIFT is a small school. We cherish this identity, as it offers so much freedom of thinking and individual offer, promptness of consultation, implementation and capacity of reaction.

These orientations are intended to evolve in time. First, because all the pupils’ parents are invited, as pupils’ parents’ UPLIFT association, to contribute with the teachers in order to elaborate these orientations. Then, and the health crisis demonstrated it, because schools in no way escape the challenges as well as opportunities and innovations, and must remain an agile and resilient institution.

  • Note on the fight against school bullying.
  • Note on pupils’ protection.
  • Note on online teaching.
  • Note on assessments.
  • Note on personalized monitoring of pupils.
  • Note on how you learn in a double-level class.
  • Note on homework.
  • Note on the role of reading at LIFT.
  • Note on communication between school and pupils parents.