Our classrooms

LIFT brings innovation and experimentation at the heart of its classrooms with innovative and modern layouts. We care about the learning environment to offer to our pupils classrooms where they feel “at home”. Instead of a traditional approach with rows of desks in front of a teacher, we choose an “agile” layout to meet the diversity of pupils’ needs and way of learning. As long as every child is different, classrooms will provide for differentiated working spaces with specific features: a corner to gather for discussion with all the classmates, spaces to work in groups, low tables, places to isolate and focus. The point is to offer to each pupil a personalized way of working while keeping in mind the basic rule to work together.

This approach with regards to classrooms design goes hand in hand with novel teaching approaches emphasizing differentiation of learning, autonomy and cooperation. LIFT teachers are experts in organizing learning in workshops to foster and ensure motivation and knowledge uptake. A pupil who registers in a workshop and chooses the chronology of its activities is a motivated pupil who becomes an actor in her own learning journey.

The design of LIFT’s classrooms echoes directly with the ambition to put well-being and joy at the center of the school to allow pupils to create a living and sustained relationship with their learning experience.