Over the past 3 years, a team of parents of the French-speaking community in Taipei noticed that there was room in Taipei for a new French school, to complement the recognized and prestigious establishments that make up the wealth of the education offer in Taipei, and have worked on a voluntary towards the setting-up of the Lycée International Français de Taipei (LIFT).

LIFT ambitions to meet following objectives:

An affordable school, with annual tuition fees allowing the largest possible French and French-speaking families to join. A business model based on an affordable pricing policy without compromising on quality of teaching and quality of the welcome of our children.

A school with an inclusive and participatory form of governance, in close cooperation with the educating community and the student’s parents, under the leadership of a board composed of representatives of the student’s parents, the cultural and business communities, guarantors of the long-term vision and educational values. Operational management is entrusted to independent administrators working along educative and administrative teams.

A school meeting the needs of the expanding french speaking community in Taiwan with a sustainable long-term educational offer.

A non-for-profit school. LIFT is financed by the French business community in Taiwan and taiwanese philanthropists, friends of the French language and culture in Taiwan. Relying on corporate and individual donors instead of an investor allows us to guarantee an affordable tuition fees policy, financial autonomy, reinvestment of the revenues in the school development and a governance inclusive only of communities that are benefiting from the educational services.

A trilingual and multicultural school, providing to our children the opportunity to be proficient in English or Chinese in addition to the French language with a focus on the Taiwanese culture. A truly international school, LIFT welcomes all French-speaking students, including Taiwanese citizens.

A school accredited by AEFE, leading, through the French baccalaureate or IB to the best universities worldwide.

LIFT is designed by the French community in Taipei with the overarching ambition to nurture a new generation of French, Taiwanese and binational students, educated with the values of the French Republic, the learning approach of the French school, but also endowed with an international awareness and an in-depth understanding of the Chinese world, to contribute tomorrow’s society in this part of the world.

LIFT benefits from the highest possible political and diplomatic support. The LIFT initiative echoes directly both French and Taiwanese policy-making priorities. LIFT contributes to the French objective to double the number of students (2018 plan for the promotion of French language and plurilingualism) and the Taiwanese objective to become a bilingual nation by 2030. LIFT benefits from the support of the diplomatic post in Taipei and Taipei municipal authorities.

LIFT is a French school serving the needs of all French-speaking communities of Taipei.

LIFT is an autonomous initiative from individuals and members of the French business community in Taipei.
LIFT is not in any way associated or affiliated with the Taipei European School.

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