Education to taste

For the educational community of LIFT, lunch is not a mere and inevitable service, but a special time for learning.

First and foremost, a relaxing, delightful and friendly time, during which pupils socialize and develop friendships or share with adults of the school outside of the classroom. Learning time as well, when education to taste, to the culinary culture and to the impact of food on health are an integral part of our teaching objectives. We wish as well to make the most of this time to have our pupils to reflect on notions of soft-skills, how-to-behave together and environmental awareness (chasing down food waste, waste management, environmental impacts on food production).

Lunch break at LIFT is an integral part of our identity as a French educational establishment, with the aim of making French cuisine of high quality accessible to all.

A key partnership

To achieve that, we are very happy to be able to partner with the French chef Michel Bru.

Michel Bru spent many years as Chef, sous-Chef and assistant Chef in Michelin-star restaurants, then in a private castle in Scotland to service demanding personalities, then entrepreneur as an in-house Chef in the UK, and finally today owner of a delivery service of homemade western food in Taiwan.


Meals served to LIFT pupils will meet following principles:

  • The highest possible level of food security (process, insurances), within the framework of HACCP and beyond Taiwanese regulations.
  • Children should eat the same cuisine as adults do. To do so, Michel Bru cooks for LIFT meals that are directly offered on delivery service to his customers, while offering meals adapted to the taste and health of children.
  • Entirely home-made, without processed food (except Italian pasta). Everything is cooked in the kitchen, starting with peeling vegetables! Meals are designed based on seasonal availability of products.
  • An extremely rigorous sourcing of products and a regular monitoring of suppliers. Cooked with olive oil, without flavor enhancers or food additives.
  • Balanced and healthy meals, designed with a nutritionist. Nutritional composition of each meal is communicated to pupils’ parents.
  • A long term cooperation based on trust, beyond a service provider relationship, with workshops on taste education and French cuisine for pupils and parents.

Nutritional information

  • All recipes will have been chosen and designed by Chef Michel Bru.
  • All menus given to kids are reviewed by the supplier dietician/nutritionist.
  • All nutritional information is available from the supplier online nutritional enquiry system and from the canteen staff everyday.
  • Every morning the supplier provides LIFT with all nutritional information and allergens..
  • Possibility for parents to use the supplier free) online chat with their dietician team.

Food safety

  • Supplier staff are fully trained on safety & hygiene.
  • The supplier’s food safety management is made on the basis of  the GHP/HACCP regulations.
  • Full food safety management system (traceability SOPs, crisis management..) is available from the supplier.


  • The menu is available the month before on the LIFT newsletter. (The menu is given for information, but subject to change for supply, organizational, cost reasons). Due to homemade cooking, and use of fresh ingredients it is not possible to stick 100% of the menu. However, every meal is reviewed by the dietician/nutritionist.
  • A vegetarian vegetarian meal is offered on a weekly basis.
  • 40% of meals are Taiwanese, 60% are european.